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How I Work.

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  • Where are you located?

          Bethesda, MD just north of Washington, D.C.

  • What is/are your current gig(s):

          Sr. Systems Engineer for National Institutes of Health.

  • What's one word to describe your work?


  • What apps, software, or tools can’t you live without?

          Sapien Powershell Studio / Notepad / Itunes

  • What does your workspace look like?  

    Home office with plenty of toys to keep me distracted.
    Home office















Work office where most of it gets done.
Work Office

















  • What's a typical workweek look like?

 As the sole powershell guru in the building, I have my hands in everything. Typically people from different teams (lync,scom,exchange,ad,service         desk) reach out to me for anything powershell related. I spend most of my time keeping up gui scripts designed for end users, managing cloud services for exchange on O365 licensing. 

  • What do you like the best about your role?

Typically I do what I want, when I want, and how I want to do it:-) Due to demand I spend 100% of my time with powershell. 

  • What's something about you that no one knows about?

This isn't easy. I'll change the question to What is something someone reading this blog doesn't know about? I served in the Marines for six years from 97-03.  

  • What do you listen to while you work?

function play-itunes {
    start-job -name itunes -scriptblock {
        $iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application
        $LibrarySource = $iTunes.sources.ItemByName('Library')
        $libraryplaylist = $librarysource.playlists.itembyname('Dan''s Music')
        $category = $libraryplaylist.search($genre, $this.ITPlaylistSearchField.ITPlaylistSearchFieldgenre)
        $songstoplay =  $category | sort {get-random}
        foreach ($song in $songstoplay) {
            $host.ui.rawui.windowtitle = "Now playing -- " + $song.name
            $total = $song.duration + 5
            start-sleep -seconds $total
            $host.ui.rawui.windowtitle = "Windows Powershell"
    } -argumentlist $genre | out-null
    if (!($timer)) {
        $timer = new-object timers.timer
        $action = {
            $Global:windowtitle = receive-job -name itunes -keep
        $timer.Interval = 10000
        $Timer.Enabled = $True
        Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $timer -EventName elapsed `
                             –SourceIdentifier ItunesTimer -Action $action | Out-Null

play-itunes rock

  • What do you wish you could change about your work?

       Increase the speed and efficiency of government IT!

  • Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers?

I literally wrote in 'Social media participation' as one of my learning objectives for this years performance review. I'm a regular at powershell.org and sapien.com powershell forums.


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